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Introducing Recipes from the Pasta Table! New!


The Pasta Table is the inspiration for our company. It was around our Nonna’s pasta table — “pasta tavola” that we learned the art of creating not only fresh pasta from scratch but also many delicious meals. Recipes were blended using simple, wholesome and fresh ingredients, often picked from the garden out back or delivered to our Nonna’s back door by the local butcher. Meals were made slowly throughout the day, in community with family members, friends and neighbours sharing stories about the old country. Once the meal was prepared, the pasta table quickly turned into the dining table where everyone joined in for a traditional Italian feast!

At Pasta Tavola, our love of good food and our desire to share it with our customers is rooted in our Italian heritage and the experience we had cooking with family in the kitchen. Over the next few months we will be introducing a new page and blog on our website called “Recipes from the Pasta Table”. Our first recipe will be posted this Friday just in time for the Great Canadian Cheese Festival taking place June 7-8 at the Crystal Palace in PEC. The Pasta Ladies LOVE cheese and we’ve partnered with Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company to deliver some mmmarvelous pasta and sauce recipes at the festival.

“Recipes from the Pasta Table`’ is about being creative with simple ingredients you have in your own kitchen, backyard garden or found at your local farmer’s market or at the Pasta Tavola store. It’s about turning simple, fresh ingredients into a delicious, memorable meal to be shared with friends and loved ones. At Pasta Tavola, we believe great food creates great memories and that’s what these recipes are all about!  Check out the page often for some fabulous recipes and cooking tips that will make creating a fabulous meal easy!

Have a culinary question? Ask the Pasta Ladies! Go to our contact sheet and we’ll be happy to help you out!