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You might be surprised to hear that Pasta Tavola is more than just your local pasta and specialty food shop.  Did you know that Pasta Tavola has been building its brand and wholesaling their artisanal ravioli, sauces and pasta products across Eastern Ontario for over two years?

None of this would be possible without the dedication and commitment of our staff–Grace, Nico, Linda and Gordon– to create and deliver high quality, wholesome and delicious food to you, our customers.

Recently we entered the Ottawa market with a big bang!  Ottawaians are loving the fresh, handcrafted meal offerings that we create daily in our production kitchen at 109 N. Front Street in Belleville.

Read about us in the Ottawa Citizen and spread the word about your local pasta ladies!  Whether its for a family meal, entertaining with friends or for a catered event, Pasta Tavola will not disappoint. We make great food!

Call us at 613.779.9739 or check us out on facebook and twitter.