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We should be on Reality T.V.!

What would life be without a little drama? Paula and I are up to our elbows in flour preparing for our big debut, but it looks like we have run into a bit of delay with opening Pasta Tavola for Monday December 13th.

The shop is ready to go but we are waiting on one last piece before we can get the final “ok” to open our doors to the public. While Paula and I feel like we are on a “reality t.v.” show we know that the wait will be well worth it for our customers!

Expect an e-mail any day announcing when we will be opened for business. Until then happy “pasta dreams”!

And remember, vote for the Biscotti you would like to see featured on our opening day and check back here for the results.

Victoria & Paula

Your local Pasta Ladies

COVID 19 update on Retail Outlet


Thank you to all our customers for their continued support throughout this pandemic. As things begin to open in our community, we are taking time to review the ways we can serve you safely and in an efficient manner in the near future.

Please continue to view our website or social media platforms for updates.

During this time, Pasta Tavola’s retail outlet is operating with pre-orders and curbside pick-up only. We kindly ask customers to call us at 613-779-9739 to place their orders from Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For pasta, sauces and frozen oven-ready trays, please provide one hour notice before pick-up. For fresh trays or catering items, please provide 24 hours notice  to view our current curb-side offerings.

In the meantime Pasta Tavola continues to manufacture its line of ravioli and sauces for our retailers throughout the region. Find us in the frozen section and on shelf in most grocery stores in Belleville, Trenton, Picton, Madoc and Foxboro.

We look forward to welcoming you back very soon!

Victoria & Paula