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What a Small World!

Paula and I have been hard at work getting Pasta Tavola pasta shop ready for our opening in December.  On Tuesday we made a road trip to North Bay to pick-up a pasta machine for our gluten-free line.

What a small world it is!  We bought our machine from a lovely Italian couple named Marissa and Dante.  It just so happens that members of their family immigrated to Canada from Ofena, Italy—the same hometown our Nonna and mother is from!

The pasta machine we purchased is a Parmigiana pasta machine.  It is built like a tank.  We will be able to make five different kinds of shaped gluten-free pastas with this machine so there will be lots of choices! If you have never seen an industrial pasta machine or if you have never seen fresh pasta being made, you will be able to view the entire process at the store! Pictures of the machine are posted below.

The pasta shop itself is coming along.  We have hired a fabulous construction crew who really “get” what Pasta Tavola is all about.  For some of the highlights of the shop, sign up for our e-mail blast (which is also posted on facebook and Twitter). It outlines some of the special features you will see at Pasta Tavola.