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We want to let you in on some exciting news about Pasta Tavola. We’re growing and we couldn’t be happier!  Currently we are undergoing construction to add an additional 1000 square feet of production space to our already 1500 sq. foot commercial kitchen, including new machines and larger coolers/freezer space.  What this all means for our customers is that we will now be able to spread even more Pasta Tavola love and introduce more shapes, flavours and other Pasta Tavola delectables to your customer’s tables.

Here’s a few things that you need to know. Our artisanal ravioli is made with 100% Ontario milled wheat and a combination of Ontario and Canadian grown wheat blends. We continue to work with local Ontario producers to include high quality local ingredients in all that we do and look forward to adding the Ontario Foodland designation to our packaging and marketing material shortly.

Our ravioli is still as convenient as ever to prepare but moving to a new production set-up has meant making some tweaks to our original pasta dough recipe and ravioli size. This makes for a slightly longer cooking time (now 4-6 minutes) but much more suited for rigorous boiling or the perfect pasta baked dish. Rest assured these tweaks did not sacrifice the deliciousness that is the hallmark of our Pasta Tavola products. Our ratio of filling to pasta is still greater than industry standard and our commitment to bringing you high quality, pure ingredients without additives and preservatives still remains.

As for our frozen and jarred sauces,  we just introduced a silky rosé sauce to our frozen sauce line-up and our new jarred flavour–Rustic Siciliana with Sundried Tomatoes—is scheduled to be released shortly.  These gourmet sauces have been developed to bring the best all natural ingredients and flavours to your table without the preservatives found in other brands.

We are also excited to announce that in the next few months we will be updating our website to better reflect all of what we do and how we can better serve our retail partners.  

We want to thank you all for your support of our company and the enthusiasm you have for sharing our food with your customers.  We look forward to continuing our retail relationship with you.

Take care,

Victoria & Paula

Pasta Tavola Inc.